What people are saying…

This education is so worth the sacrifices we families, parishes and staff make.   Saint James School consistently produces students who are remarkably respectful, service oriented, faith-filled and of great academic quality. A Catholic education prepares our children for this life and for eternity.  (parent)


I thank my parents so much for sending me to Saint James School.  I think that's a big sacrifice to send me to Saint James School but I appreciate it!  (student)


What sets the school apart is dedication. From the teachers, who always went above and beyond their expected duties and truly cared for us as their own children; to the families who devoted countless hours at bake sales, sports games, and in the cafeteria to make the school a better place; and to the parishes and community that laid the foundation of our lives with faith and strong morals. To this day, I consider sending me to SJS as one of the best decisions my parents ever made.   (graduate)


Thank you for all that you did for my son in seventh and eight grades.  He was apprehensive at first but the students and faculty welcomed him with open arms.  He made friends which I am sure will be long lasting relationships.  He still speaks of his teachers that challenged and encouraged him.  He is a freshman at a Catholic school in NH.  His progress report shows A's and B's.  Saint James more than prepared him to go forward!               (parent)        


Saint James School is the most terrific place for kids to share the talents that God gave us.  Saint James is so great that there aren't enough good synonyms to describe it!  I want to thank my parents for sending me to Saint James School.  I think Saint James School is fabulous.  (student)

St. James offers an enriched Catholic atmosphere with a challenging academic curriculum that prepares our children to excel in high school and beyond.      (parent) 

I am very happy to be at Saint James School.  Saint James School is like a family to me and it is full of education and lots of fun! (student)

As a former St. James student, I always dreamed I would one day come back to serve the school that served me. Being a teacher in this dynamic, faith-filled school is a true blessing. Each day is different from the one before, and I am lucky enough to share my values with my students, and, in turn, they teach me about themselves. We are a unique family of parents, teachers, and students who come together on a daily basis to enrich lives and find meaning in that which makes us who we are.

St. James not only offered an excellent education to my children, it also taught morals, responsibility, self-esteem, integrity, accountability, kindness, understanding, friendship, forgiveness, and love. It says something when people ask me, "Were your boys St. James students?" When I proudly answer "yes," I get the reply, "I can tell..." I take that as a compliment!          (parent)