Admissions Information

Saint James School has a rolling admission policy.  You can apply to Saint James School at any time.  You will find all the needed documents here.  Please submit your application form, the application fee, a copy of your child's birth certificate, a copy of any sacramental certificates that your child has and a copy of your child's last report card.   Students are very welcoming to new students.  We encourage a visitation.  It is always best to visit Saint James School (SJS) during the regular school day where teachers are teaching and students are engaged. Come for a tour anytime and see the Saint James advantage! Our formal Open House is from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on January 25th, February 27th and March 27th.  Student Council members will take you on a tour of the school, answer questions from a student's perspective and then you can meet with the principal for any additional questions.  Join us to see the Saint James advantage!


This page has all the documents that you need for admission.  SJS has a rolling admission policy where students are accepted throughout the year.  Once the application materials are in hand, students are invited in to see the classroom and an assessment in reading and math is either done prior to the assessment or on the first days of school to make their transition easier.  Feel free to call the school if you have any questions.  

(207) 282-4084

Saint James School does not discriminate in it's admission policy.   When there is a waiting list in a class, preference is given to practicing Catholics and families that already have a student enrolled should an opening occur. 


Admissions Documents

Registration Letter (includes tuition information)
SJS registration letter 15-16.pdf
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New Students

Here is the information to enroll next year at Saint James School.  Please print out the form, your birth certificate and your baptismal record (if you have one) and either mail or bring to school with your registration fee.  The registration fee is $150. 


Registration Form 2017-18.pdf
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Transfer of Records Authorization Form (
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Returning Students

There is an abbreviated form for returning students.  Please download this form with the application fee and bring in to school.  Thank you.

Reregistration Letter 2016-7.pdf
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SJS reg forms-reregister 2017-18.pdf
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Tuition Information

For Parishioners

Tuition is only $4,121 for a quality Saint James education  for the 2017-18 and it is really a bargain.  We are only able to offer this because of the support that we receive from Good Shepherd Parish.  The goal is to make an affordable education available for all families. A multi child discount is also available!


Do I qualify signed (1).pdf
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See the multi child discount that is listed in the registration letter making a Saint James School education affordable and a great investment in your child's future.  

For Non-Parishioners

It costs over $7,500 to educate a child for a year at Saint James School.  We  offer non parishioners a rate of $5,700 per year for the 2017-18 school year. This will continue to be a great value and will give your child the foundation for success!



Payment and Financial Aid Information

There are also limited funds available for financial assistance.  We already reduce the tuition a great deal but our goal is to make a Catholic education accessible to all.  Please prayerfully reflect on the amount of assistance that you need and fill out the application online.  


We use FACTS Management System to determine who has the greatest need.  You may also divide your payments to spread across the school-year by filling out the FACTS form. Information has to be submitted online before financial aid is dispersed.  Our financial aid committee meets in mid May to disperse available funds. 

Click here to access the FACTS Management System.