Saint James School (SJS) and all Catholic schools in Maine use the Archdiocese of Hartford curriculum standards which go above and beyond other state standards and take all the best parts of education preparing students for the best possible education.  SJS uses an assortment of programs and differentiated instruction to teach students at their ability and take them as far as they can go so each student is challenged to do their very best.  The curriculum is in the PDF files below.


Here is a link about our STREAM (Science Technology Religion Engineering Art and Math) program.  Students from kindergarten on up benefit from learning how to think creatively and outside of the box in these classes, led by a certified science teacher and former research scientist.  


Saint James reviews the materials and the curriculum on a regular basis.  New math books were purchased to begin the 2022-23 school year. Guided math kits were purchased to supplement the math program in kindergarten and first grades.  


The teachers use the Diocese of Hartford curriculum and are now working on project-based learning and incorporating STREAM (Science-Technology-Religion-Engineering-Math) units.  Saint James is working with other Maine Catholic schools to create these units of study and have visited other in Maine and in other New England states to see this in action.   Saint James School strives to be the best that it can be and the teachers are always working towards this goal.  Teachers have time to work in teams to make sure that this happens.

Our curriculum is available to view in the office or you can see the curriculum year end goals for each grade level by pressing the link above.