Summer Reading

In an effort to keep students reading over the summer, each child will be given a summer reading journal for a mandatory summer reading program that is based on student choice.


There are two parts to this summer reading .  The first is a choice component.  For the choice component students are asked to read each day.  That is the most important part, for students to read each day.  That's it, just read!   Maybe find a certain time that you could encourage reading - first thing in morning, just before bed, just READ!   The local libraries have a great selection of books and summer reading challenges.  The Story Journal is for students to decide how to record their choice books.  Maybe younger students want to keep a list of books they like and do not like.  Maybe they have an author they like and want to share this author's books.  Maybe they want to create a new cover to the book or illustrate a favorite part or create characters.  Maybe they want to write down parts that they liked.  It is their journal to reflect on their reading.  It is up to the student.  The hope is that the teachers and students can share books they read over the summer to start the year off reading!  This summer reading journal will be collected on the first day of school and will be their first grade.  Some ideas are listed in the letter below.  Middle school has the requirement to read one of their books on the topic listed below but they should be reading all summer long. Keep a log of all the books read, their choice.   Happy reading! 

Summer Reading Letter
Summer Reading 2017.pdf
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If you did not get a story journal, they are available in the office for your summer reading.  Somebody is in the office in the summer on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-12 and other times by chance.