NOTE:  Our 2020 Roaring into the 20's auction has been postponed until the fall.  Stay tuned!

Dear Saint James Friends and Family:


COVID-19 is having an unprecedented impact on all our daily lives. For our school, the pandemic has transformed our everyday routines and changed how Saint James School delivers its academic and spiritual curriculum to our students. The school has adjusted well to our “new normal,” but we are facing many long-term financial ramifications from this pandemic.


Over the last few weeks, I have heard from several families about their financial challenges. I am sure I will hear from even more people in the days ahead as unemployment continues to rise. In addition to lost tuition revenue, Saint James has lost revenue from other sources, including the lunch program, extended day services, and anticipated fundraising events. Saint James School operates on a lean budget without margin for the drastic reduction in revenue we face. I have been thinking about ways we can come together as a community to help those Saint James families who cannot cover their remaining tuition payments or pay the registration fee for the 2020/2021 school year while at the same time protecting the financial health of the school.


Here is what I am proposing. For every family that is able, I am asking you to make a one-time donation of $250 to help our friends in need and your beloved Parish school. Your donation will be used to cover tuition costs for those families who are unable to make their regular payments or pay their re-enrollment fee for next year. If 100 people help, we will have $25,000 to cover the tuition balances and registration fees for those families in need. If there are funds remaining, those dollars would be used to further supplement the loss of revenue and balance the budget. If $250 is too much for your family to spare, please donate what you can. I can’t think of a better way to show our love for one another. If you agree and would like to help, please mail a donation to:


Saint James School

Attention: Spring Tuition Drive

25 Graham Street

Biddeford, ME 04005


All funds raised through this spring tuition drive will first go toward covering balances and enrollment fees for Saint James families in need. Supporting this effort also is a great way to use some of your government stimulus money.


I can’t thank everyone enough for your ongoing support of Saint James School. May God bless you and your family.

Saint James School is Service*Academics*Faith*Excellence

Saint James School is a small Catholic school where every child thrives! Saint James School (SJS) has just celebrated our twenty fifth anniversary!  It was founded in 1992, by combining three local Catholic schools into one: Saint Joseph's, Saint Andre's and Saint Mary's. The first letter of each school was used which created the name James and Saint James School was named after Saint James the Greater.  In 2010, Notre Dame de Lourdes School also joined Saint James to create the only local Catholic preschool, elementary school and high school in the area.  We recognize that all these alumni are part of Saint James School!  Saint James builds its branches on the roots of these schools and the religious brothers and sisters that started Catholic education in the area.  Thank you!


SJS provides a quality educational experience that teaches the whole child.  It integrates faith, service and learning in a value based education that ensures every child that graduates from Saint James School will have the fundamentals needed to succeed in any path that they choose.  When you read the names on the honor roll at the area high schools, you will recognize former Saint James students.  


Saint James School is fully licensed from the State of Maine and is accredited through New England Association of Schools and Colleges.  Check out this article about our accreditation.   


Check out this link to an article on our Students to Sisters program that appeared in Harvest magazine.  Or this link that highlights our STREAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) program.  These articles and the mission statement truly reflects who we are as a school.  We teach the whole child, we do not just teach academics but we teach our students to be caring and respectful and that is woven into all aspects of the school.  Our mission is who we are-


Saint James is a Catholic school within Good Shepherd Parish committed to fostering spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth in a S.A.F.E.* and collaborative family environment while empowering students of all faiths to be creative, to think critically, to act responsibly, and to serve with integrity.

*Service - Academics - Faith - Excellence



Saint James School is S.A.F.E.


  • Each month, students participate in "Casual for a Cause" where they decide upon a worthy charity in which to donate. This is decided upon by Student Council and it could be canned goods for the food pantry, scarves and mittens for the needy or money for charitable organizations.
  • 7th and 8th graders complete at least twenty hours of community service before going on their 8th grade class trip.
  • Respect, consideration and empathy are woven in all parts of the school day and is evident when you walk the halls.


  • Most class have between 15 and 18 students but there is a waiting list in some grades.
  • STREAM (Science*Technology*Religion*Engineering*Art*Math) activities in grades K through 8
  • On average, 90% of students make the honor roll in their first semester of high school.
  • On average, 50% of students graduate high school in the top 10% of their class because of the foundation they received while at Saint James School.
  • For the last several years, nationally normed tests shows on average that three quarters of students score within the distinguished or proficient category in reading and math.
  • Students in prekindergarten through eighth grade learn about French language and culture.  
  • Enrichment period offers the opportunity to work with teachers, start homework, finish projects or activities.  Students can also participate in extra activities.  This period at the end of the day has been most valuable for students.
  • Students in K-8 have a technology class each week and a STREAM class in addition to art, music, and PE.  Students in K-5 have a library class and students in 6-8 can visit the library during enrichment time.


  • Students start each day leading with a prayer and the pledge in front of the entire school.
  • Faith is embedded in the school day.
  • Students attend mass each Wednesday where students actively participate.
  • Religion classes are taught in the classroom and in practice.


  • Voted Best Preschool for three years in a row and Best Private School for two years in a row
  • Full Day Kindergarten program.
  • Early Childhood program for three and four year olds with a flexible schedule to meet your needs.
  • Certified, qualified and knowledgeable staff.
  • Fully accredited through NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges)
  • Curriculum is aligned to the Archdiocese of Hartford Standards.
  • Competitive middle school sports teams and after school clubs.
  • Band  lessons are offered.
  • Students can participate in a First LEGO League Robotics Club.  The team placed third in the state last year!
  • Accessible tuition with scholarships and financial aid available.
  • Before care and after care are available from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Fully licensed child care facility for three and four year olds with after care available.
  • French is offered from preK to eighth grade.
  • Assignments and grades can be seen online so you always know how your child is doing and what work is missing.
  • Saint James School has a homemade hot lunch choice each day or students can make their own sandwich at the sandwich bar.  A complete salad bar and a complete fruit bar accompanies the hot lunch or sandwich choice each day.  Saint James School is a Gold School of Distinction for it's lunch and for promoting physical activity each day.
  • Saint James School was one of 7% of the schools in the United States to receive the Silver Award through HUSSC: Healthier US School Challenge: Smarter Lunchrooms

Most importantly, SJS has a warm, friendly environment where all students succeed and grow into respectful, faith-filled young men and women. Saint James isn't just a school, we're a family!