Student Life/Athletics

Saint James School is part of the Diocese of Portland.  Here is the Student Handbook from the Diocese and the Saint James Addendum.  Please be sure to make yourself familiar with these and print out and sign the signatory page on your child's first day of school.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the school.  

ME Catholic Schools Student Handbook
Student Handbook -PDF.pdf
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SJS Addendum
Addendum to Student Handbook.pdf
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Signatory Page
Signatory Page.pdf
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Depending upon your child's interest, there is something for everyone.  There is a wide variety of clubs, sports and activities to ensure that everyone has a chance to shine.  Here is a sampling -



  • Choir
  • Guitar
  • Band

Middle School SPORTS

  • Boys Basketball team
  • Girls Basketball
  • CoedIndoor Track teams
  • Coed Soccer Team
  • Boys Baseball
  • Girls Softball
  • Cheering


  • First LEGO League
  • Math Team
  • Aquarium Club
  • Student Council
  • Students to Sisters - See an article about that here.
  • Rosetta Stone for students to learn a third language
  • School Play
  • Book Groups
  • School Newsletter
  • Mad Science

In addition, students have time to worship together.  They either go to Mass at Saint Joseph's Church or have a prayer service each Wednesday.  Students lead the Mass and the prayer service.