COVID-19 Information

We hope not to go back to the Pandemic but I think it is important for you to know that Saint James School was fully open during the pandemic.  This letter outlines the COVID guidelines that were in place for 2022.  Saint James followed the recommendations from the CDC, the DOE and the Diocese of Portland. Saint James School always does what is right for our students

2022-23 Parent FAQ.pdf
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Holiday guidelines from the Diocese of Portland are available here.

School Holiday Letter.pdf
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Remote Learning Information

Maine Catholic Schools Remote Learning O
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Distance Learning Introduction
Distance Learning.pdf
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Remote Learning Letter
Remote Learning 3162020 Letter.pdf
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Here is the COVID-19 Continuous Learning Plan for Saint James School. Students Started ZOOMing with their teachers on Tuesday, March 17th. Students kept up a consistent schedule meeting with teachers from 9 to 1:30 every day with breaks for snack and recess built in.  All specialist teachers were involved and the continuity of a regular schedule has helped students feel more normal at this time when the returned to Saint James School, in person.  Kudos to the Saint James staff that works above and beyond, always putting students first!

Delivery of Continuous Learning Opportun
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Saint James School uses three major websites to provide information back and forth.  Please converse to teachers through email.    Google Classroom is used to pass assignments back and forth and post homework.   Students have a schedule through Zoom to have a virtual classroom with their teacher daily.  The words below these logos are live below.   


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            ZOOM Login

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Naimey that will act as IT support during this time.  Sadlier has put the We Believe religion books and Sadlier math books completely online.  Instructions on how to access these books are explained int he links below.

Online Religion Book
2020 Faith Formation Remote Learning Res
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Online Math Book
2020 Academic Remote Learning Resources
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Student Tips for Participating in Online
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If you are new to Zoom or Google classroom.  Here is some helpful links.

and the survey says.....

How has it worked?  Don't take my word for it but read these comments from parents.

How satisfied are you with the delivery of continuous learning opportunities that Saint James has provided for your child(ren) since being out of school?

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I do appreciate what SJS has done to make this new normal work. The daily structure and the interaction with the teachers has been wonderful.
Whenever there is a problem, recommendation, concern, etc it is addressed and taken into consideration. We love Saint James, it’s just an overwhelming time for everyone right now. 
We so grateful to be a part of the St. James community during this time. The school was prepared and ready when the news hit. And, the level of instruction, the variety of classes and the normalcy of the schedule is helping our child adjust and parents cope. We're also grateful for the support of other parents -- we truly feel like we're all in this together at St.James.
This is new to everyone & while I believe that improvements could be made, the St. James students are receiving the best Continuous Learning, not only is our area, but from others that I have spoke to nationwide.
 I think the teachers are dedicated and work extremely hard to ensure their students needs are being met, both in the standard classroom and in the online classroom!
I have and will continue to recommend St. James to other parents. I would let them know how pleased we have been in the 4 years of our daughter attending the school. Faculty & Staff always go above and beyond to show support of their students as well as keep them engaged while having fun. These attributes have really shown during these most recent trying times. All of the faculty & staff are always friendly, helpful and understanding.
I would absolutely recommend SJS to other families based on the Continuous Learning Opportunities. SJS was prepared, thoughtful and concerned for the well being of our children. Our children continued their education and will not be behind in the fall. They still felt connected to their classmates and teacher (in some way.) And most importantly, we have been surveyed! Our school cares about what we think and wants to make things better. They don't make decisions blindly. They make decisions based on what works for families and children.
The school was well prepared for this unprecedented event to the point that it was almost seamless. When technological difficulties arose (due mostly to the nation learning about the vulnerabilities of certain platforms) the teachers and staff adapted and overcame with remarkable speed. Bravo Zulu to all.
I am impressed with how quickly the school was able to put it all together and get the students right back to learning with barely a pause!
I would say that St. James was ahead of the curve when they started using Zoom the first day remote learning started. They were on a class schedule right away which was invaluable to having a smooth transition during this pandemic. Their schedule included gym, art, and music right from the start! They continued to see their classmates and teachers as well as their academics at a time when parents were fearful of what was going on in the world. This has been invaluable to the emotional health of our children. It was clear the teachers at St. James School had done a lot of preparation in a short amount of time to get started with remote learning. They are, without a doubt, the unsung heroes!
St. James has never missed a beat! I have a new appreciation for my kids teachers, Pre-K & 5. I have seen true compassion and couldn’t imagine asking for more. My biggest hope for my kids teachers is that they care about them & I have seen this, great teacher selection! Thank you for all you do.
I have spoken to a number of parents from different school districts and St. James seems to be the most organized, comprehensive continuous learning program for students my child’s age. I would highly recommend SJS to other families & have been praising the school’s program to others.
Our school didn’t miss a beat when this virus broke out. Our kids felt safe, secure, and best of all ‘normal’ with the implementation of the Online Learning.
I would absolutely recommend St. James to other parents. I have been very impressed with how quickly all of the teachers and staff were able to get up and running to have as much of a seamless transition from the classroom to home as possible. We are able to get everyone set up in the morning, then they have set a schedule from 9-2 every day so that they are continuing to learn at the pace that is right for their grade. As a parent - balancing school at home and working fulltime, I am grateful that I get to provide support - not the teaching.
I recommend Saint James to others all of the time, and there are children attending Saint James whom we introduced to the school. Our family friends with children in public school are impressed with what my middle schooler has been doing during the quarantine. With almost no notice, an online curriculum was up and running at St. James. For a small school with a limited budget, St. James manages to find ways to offer continuous improvements and some wonderful extra-curricular experiences.