Saint James School is accredited through New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).  Click here to view their website.  This was a voluntary process where everyone worked on a self study to see how Saint James can become even better than it already is.   There is a great article about this in the Biddeford Saco OOB Journal.  Click here to view the article.


The first part of the process was to look at our mission statement and see if it fits the school.  Here is the mission statement that was written by staff and approved at our Catholic Education Board meeting which truly reflects why we are all here at Saint James School.


Mission Statement

Saint James is a Catholic school within Good Shepherd Parish committed to fostering spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth in a S.A.F.E.* and collaborative family environment while empowering students of all faiths to be creative, to think critically, to act responsibly, and to serve with integrity.



The process began with an anonymous survey to teachers, parents and alumni. Teachers worked for two years on the self-study and then a team of professionals (teachers, principals, assistant principals, curriculum coordinators from other schools) came to visit the school and wrote a visiting team report with recommendations and accommodations.  The NEASC commission voted on our ten year accreditation in February of 2018 and were very complimentary. The two year report was submitted and accepted in 2020 and the five year report was accepted without reservation in 2023.  We will be submitting the ten year report in 2028 but Saint James School is proud to say that we are fully accredited through NEASC!