Catholic Schools Week

It is Catholic Schools Week in the United States!  This is the week we celebrate students, staff, parents, parishioners and volunteers for making the choices and the sacrifices to be in a Catholic school!  Everybody is here because they believe in the S.A.F.E. (Service*Academics*Faith*Excellence) mission.  The staff is paid less than their public school counterparts.  Volunteers are willing to help and parishioners donate to the school to keep the cost accessible.  Parents make sacrifices to send their students to Saint James School.  We celebrate you all this week!


We are true to our mission this week.  We will bring socks to Seeds of Hope to distribute to those in need.  We are having an Academic Fair on Tuesday from 1-2 and 4:30-6.   At Wednesdays mass, we will thank parishioners and volunteers for all that they do and we will have a lot of fun with several dress down days and planned rotations to celebrate our most precious commodity, our students!


Thank you everyone for making Saint James School so very special!


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