Visit by Bishop Deeley

Students were very excited as they awaited a visit from Bishop Deeley.  When the Bishop arrived, he was greeted by the student council president and vice president and escorted into the cafeteria for a prayer service that was led by the eighth graders on the Corporal Acts of Mercy.  Younger students went into their classrooms after the prayer service and the middle schoolers became reporters in a town hall formal, firing questions to the Bishop.  Their questions ranged from  how did you know that you wanted to be a priest to more personal questions getting to know the Bishop as a human.  The Bishop was gracious and eloquent as he answered each of their questions with thoughtfulness and humor. One by one, each student had their questions answered and students left the cafeteria with a greater understanding of their faith and of their leader in Maine.


Then the Bishop went in all the other classrooms.  In the younger classrooms, the Bishop read from children's books and you could tell he was at ease with children of all ages.  One classroom put on skits for the Bishop, another sang a song and others had even more questions.  He paused to have lunch with the staff and school board members and then he left Saint James School, leaving students and teachers a little richer because of his presence.

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