First LEGO League 

Saint James School competed at the State First LEGO Championship meet this past weekend in Augusta.  The day began with a keynote address by a Senator Angus King staffperson.  The team was busy in the morning presenting their project, showing the technical aspects of the robot they created and talking about the core values of gracious professionalism of how they work together as a team to solve a problem and answering questions as to how they worked during the practice sessions.  That brought us up to lunchtime where nobody could believe how quickly the morning had gone.  The robotics competition for Saint James School took place in the afternoon.  They had three rounds of competition and after the second round, they wrote a new program because they were still perfecting their missions.  When it was over, they were 9th in the state on their robotics competition.  They worked hard and are looking forward to next year, when they can take what they learned and start again.  This is an intense fall activity at Saint James School which takes place starting in September and culminating with the meet in Augusta.  The top two teams move on to a National competition and if our team keeps improving the way they have been, we will be there one day soon! Congratulations to all for a job well done!   These are our future engineers at work!

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