Summer is a busy time of year at Saint James School!

You may think summer is a time where schools are empty but that is the furthest thing from the truth.  The school is being scrubbed and polished to be spotless on day one when students arrive.  Another coat of polyurethane has been applied to the floor of the gym.  All floors in the school are polished and waxed and all rugs are cleaned.

Some teachers are moving classrooms.  Ms. Peck is going to move her music room to Mrs. Anglin's old room.  Mrs. Anglin will be moving where Mrs. Brouillette was last year.  Mrs. Brouillette is moving up to the fifth grade room and Mrs. Coombs is moving to the first grade room.  Mrs. Gervais will have the current Title One room and also the room beside grade one (music room) this next year.  Mrs. Jolin will only be in on Fridays manning the office so our new guidance counselor, Mrs. McDonald, will be using Mrs. Jolin's office.

All are reading a book called Schools Where Everyone Belongs so that everyone will be on the same page with any types of behavior concerns.  Mrs. McDonald will be leading this discussion on one of the teacher workshop days.  Computers and forms are being updated, school reports are written and Fast Direct is being updated.  Teachers are looking at their units of study and aligning them with our new curriculum and figuring out how to provide the best possible education for your child.

Next week the floors on the main level will be waxed so it will be hard to get in and out of school but starting in August, teachers will be able to put their rooms back together and the school will be a bustle of activity.  Mrs. Fournier is here to answer the phone on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-12.  

Enjoy the remaining weeks of summer.  School will be here in no time.

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