8th Grade

I am most happy to report that our eighth graders were 100% accepted to the high school of their choice.  Our goal at Saint James School is to prepare students for high school so we are delighted that students are able to attend the high school of their choice! Another interesting statistic is that 25% of our eighth grade class will go on and continue their education in a Catholic high school. They are currently looking at courses and many have already signed up for honors classes.  We still have a lot of time with the eighth graders this year but as they prepare for high school, we are so happy that their Saint James education has prepared them to excel in the high school of their choice!

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    Deacon Kevin (Wednesday, 01 April 2015 14:46)

    I would like to say that you all are doing an excellent job in preparing our children to move to the next level. Your dedication, love in sharing your faith, and your presence is what I believe makes a huge difference. Keep up the great work! God is truly with you.