We're off to see the Wizard!!!

Saint James School put on amazing performance of The Wizard of Oz this past weekend.  Over 70% of the student body from the pre-kindergartners all the way up to our eighth graders participated in this play, 113 students in all! It was amazing to see each student singing, dancing and acting their hearts out!  Parents and staff have been working together to create the sets, costumes, help students learn the lines or sing the songs and assist in any way needed to ensure students success.  There are so many people to thank for all the hours that they put in but I know our wonderful parents and staff were not helping for the recognition, they were helping to make this play the best that it could be.  Alumni even came back to help with the event!  And our students shone, they rose to the occasion and it was better than any school play that I have ever seen!  I told the students, parents and staff that I had one word to say - WOW !  Saint James School puts on a play every two years so don't miss it next time!

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